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IBA Official Cocktail 2020 3New Era Drinks

Sono i nuovi Cocktail IBA 2020 suddivisi in 3 Categorie. Di seguito la terza categoria: New Era Drinks. Questi sono i IBA Official Cocktail 2020 3)New Era Drinks

IBA Official Cocktail 2020 2)Contemporary Classics

Sono i nuovi Cocktail IBA 2020 suddivisi in 3 Categorie. Di seguito la seconda categoria: Contemporary Classics. Questi sono i IBA Official Cocktail 2020 2) Contemporary Classics

IBA Official Cocktail 2020 1)The Unforgettables

Sono i nuovi Cocktail IBA 2020 suddivisi in 3 Categorie. Di seguito la prima categoria: Unforgettables (Indimenticabili)

AVIATION (Official Cocktails 2011)

The Unforgettables (Indimenticabili)   AVIATION All Day Cocktail 4.5 cl Gin 1.5 cl Maraschino 1.5 cl Fresh lemon juice Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass https://www.newsbartenders.it/iba-official-cocktails-2011/

ANGEL FACE (Official Cocktail 2011)

The Unforgettables (indimenticabili)   ANGEL FACE All Day Cocktail 3 cl (1 oz) Gin 3 cl (1 oz) Apricot brandy 3 cl (1 oz) Calvados Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a cocktail glass. https://www.newsbartenders.it/iba-official-cocktails-2011/

AMERICANO (Official Cocktail 2011)

The Unforgettables (indimenticabili) AMERICANO Before Dinner Cocktail 3 cl (1 oz) Campari 3 cl (1 oz) Red Vermouth A splash of soda water Mix the ingredients directly in an old-fashioned glass filled with ice-cubes, add a splash of soda water and garnish with half orange slice. https://www.newsbartenders.it/iba-official-cocktails-2011/

ALEXANDER (Official Cocktail 2011)

The Unforgettables (Indimenticabili) ALEXANDER All Day Cocktail 3 cl (1 oz) Cognac 3 cl (1 oz) Créme de Cacao (brown) 3 cl (1 oz) Fresh cream Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass (17 cl). Sprinkle with fresh ground nutmeg https://www.newsbartenders.it/iba-official-cocktails-2011/

BARRACUDA Cocktail Sparkling Drink

BARRACUDA Sparkling Cocktail 4,5 cl (1,5 oz.) Gold rum 1,5 cl (1,5 oz.) Galliano 6 cl (2 oz.) Pineapple juice 1 dash Lime juice, fresh Top with Prosecco  


NUOVA GUIDA UFFICIALE COCKTAIL IBA (INTERNATIONAL BARTENDERS ASSOCIATION) 2011 http://www.iba-world.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88&Itemid=532 https://www.newsbartenders.it/iba-official-cocktails-2011/

LADYBOY Cocktail Medium Drink IBA (Special Cocktail)

LADYBOY, Cocktail Medium Drink, Build On the Rocks Bicchiere Old Fashioned o Double rock 12 oz (36 cl) colmo ghiaccio cubetti Build (preparato direttamente in bicchiere) 1-1/4 oz (3,75 cl) Baileys Irish Cream 1-1/4 oz (3,75 cl) Brandy Mescolare leggermente Decorazione: bastoncino cannella, grattugiata noce moscata   Cocktail inventato nel 2003 da Phil Coburn giornalista-fotografo […]

INES Cocktail Winning the IBA World Challenge 1982

INES, Cocktail Shake & Strain. Drink Aperitivo. di Nevers Alain (Francia)   Bicchiere Coppetta Cocktail raffreddata Boston (Shaker) con Ghiaccio Cubetti 3/4 oz (2,25 cl) Martini Dry 3/4 oz (2,25 cl) Martini Rosè 3/4 oz (2,25 cl) Gin splash DiSaronno Shakerare Versare in coppetta con Strainer Decorazione: Oliva     Technorati Tag: cocktail,drink,shaker,boston,aperitivo,predinner,iba,bartender,barman,bar

BLUE MOON Cocktail Long Drink Vincitore Mondiale Iba 1982

1982 Albufeira (Portogallo) Vince il Mondiale IBA International Bartender Association: Johnny Johnston – Ireland –   BLUE MOON, Cocktail Long Drink, Shake On the Rocks   Bicchiere Highball Boston (Shaker) con ghiaccio in cubetti 1 oz (3 cl) Gin 1/2 oz (1,5 cl) Blue Curaçao 1/2 oz (1,5 cl) Cointreau 1/2 oz (1,5 cl) succo […]